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What is a press fitting?


A press fitting is a pipe fitting that does not require soldering, welding or any other type of joining process. The connection is made by pressing the two ends of the pipe together with a special tool. This creates a watertight and secure joint without the need for any additional sealant.



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Press fittings are designed for connecting metal-plastic (PEX-AL-PEX, PE-AL, PERT-AL) pipes, as well as for cross-linked polyethylene pipes.




▪ Fitting body is made of brass CW 617N or as required.

▪ Greater (by 10-15%) throughput, the special design of increases the flow and improves the quality of its processing (reduce roughness).

▪ Greater mechanical strength, temperature resistance (insulation) and durability and longer connection life.

▪ O-rings are located outside the zone of crimping press which prevents damage from pressing, which extends service life.

▪ Press sleeve is made of AISI304 stainless steel with no more than 0.004% (at a rate of 0.02%) of sulfur, which increases corrosion resistance and retains sufficient flexibility for crimping jaws.

3.Technical Specifications

▪ Working pressure - 25 bar;

▪ Maximum operating temperature of 115 ° C;

▪ Range of diameters of the pipe 16 *2.0; 20*2.0; 26*3.0; 32*3.0; 40*3,5,mm


4.What are the benefits of using press fittings?

There are many benefits to using press fittings over traditional methods such as soldering or welding. Press fittings are much easier and quicker to install, which saves time and money on installation costs. They are also much more reliable and leak-proof than other methods, making them ideal for use in critical applications such as plumbing and gas lines.

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5.What are the different types of press fittings?

There are many different types of press fittings available on the market, each designed for use with specific types of pipe. The most common type of press fitting is the saddle tee, which is used to connect three pieces of pipe together at right angles. Other popular types include elbow fittingscouplings and end caps.

Multilayer pipe is a pipe made of several layers of materials. The most common type is the three-layer pipe, which has an inner and outer layer of plastic with a metal core.

Multilayer pipes are used in a variety of applications, such as plumbing, heating and cooling, and industrial applications.

There are two main types of press fittings for multilayer pipe: the compression fitting and the flare fitting.

Compression fittings are used to connect two pieces of pipe together. They have a nut that compresses the fitting onto the pipe. Flare fittings are used to connect two pieces of pipe together and they have a flared end that fits into a flared fitting.

Press fittings for multilayer pipe are a fast and easy way to join multilayer pipe without the need for soldering, clamps, or glue. Simply insert the pipe into the fitting and use a pressing tool to join the pipes together. No special skills or training are required, making press fittings an ideal solution for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using press fittings for multilayer pipe. First, make sure that the pipes being joined are of the same diameter. Second, be sure to use the proper pressing tool for the job. These tools can be rented or purchased from most hardware stores. Finally, make sure that there is no water in the pipes before attempting to press them together. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating a leak.



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